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A variety of vibration modes allow you to experience different levels of pleasure, and find the best mode for yourself. The combination of different vibration and speed is a perfect experience and will satisfy you well to reach to your climax.

IF you are an expert player, the rose toy end g spot stimulator will be a plus . The rose with tongue licking function will immediately blow you away. The other part g spot vibrator provides more ways to serve you.

Hi My Name is Stew,

I’m not going to pretend I’m hung, but I am at least average. While inside of a woman, I can stir my penis around in a circle. I fell like I am having sex with a warm bowl of soup. I am hot and savory and will fill up your tummy. My Name is Stew and I can’t wait to get inside you!

Function :

10 Tongue licking Mode

10 Vibration Frequency

USB-Magnetic charging

Waterproof (do not soak)

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