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Spread’em ( Spreader Bar)

Spread’em ( Spreader Bar)

♥Explore New Position♥Try new positions and scenarios you never dared, and do it all with ease, thanks to the swivel-mounted cuffs which allow for some movement.

♥Adjustable and Detachable♥The versatile spreader bar can ranger from 22 inches to 36 inches,consisting of 3 parts.This Spreader Bar easy to disassemble and assemble, Can be stored in a relatively small bag, easy to carry and use in travel.

♥Collar Handcuffs Restraints♥Attach the adjustable Collar wrist and ankle cuffs and your subject won't be able to close their thighs or wrists.

♥Bondage positioning aid♥Extended Bar allows you get them into the perfect position for spanking, tickling, or whatever you have in mind! Put them in doggy style, turn them onto their back, or make them try to keep their balance standing bent over!

♥Discreet Black Package♥ the BDSM adult sex toys kit is discreetly packaged ,easy storage and protect your privacy. Get this BDSM restraint adult sex toys kit and just enjoy an erotic night with your lover!

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